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Cherry Tsang

A Storytelling Landscape

Ten Nature Moments


A Storytelling Landscape' is a project with three parts– a design theory, a children’s book, and a park. Starting as a design theory, the Ten Nature Moments are ten different life experiences that can be taught through the natural landscape. Each moment is inspired by an experience in the landscape that I personally observed as emotionally significant. With each experience, I connected the feelings, thoughts, or life experiences associated with it. This led to the thoughtful interpretation of each moment as program elements in a designed landscape and as the story of a children’s book. The book, The Lost Cat and the Land is an abstract way of interpreting the theory for the public– specifically younger generations.

Located in East San Jose, CA, ‘A Storytelling Landscape’ is a reflective yet playful park with curated “moments” to highlight the power of storytelling through a designed landscape. It aims to create a memorable experiential journey that inspires visitors to think deeper about their place in society and the environment.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of The Lost Cat and the Land, please contact

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