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Niko Workman

Aunt Lali Heals the City

A Children’s Picture Book to Inspire The Next Generation of Landscape Architects


Aunt Lali Heals the City aims to engage and connect with a younger audience and introduce landscape architecture to elementary school children. By introducing the field of landscape architecture to the next generation it will help better inform the public about concepts of sustainability and improved public spaces. There is currently a prevalence of children's books about architecture and engineering with very few titles about landscape architecture. Aunt Lali Heals the City will be contributing to the emergence of titles related to landscape architecture for children. Using a diverse set of characters and relatable scenarios, depicted in an amusing art style, this book will be able to engage with the readers and get them excited about landscape architecture. By showcasing real plant species and landscape architecture terms through the glossary, this book will educate the children while they are being entertained. After showing young readers how landscape architecture can shape and heal the world around them, children with a love for nature and art may be inspired to join the promising future of landscape architects. I will be donating copies of the book to various schools and public libraries to promote it and test its impact. Read Aunt Lali Heals the City here:

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