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Ben Clark


Farm to Table Biophilic Community


EUDAIMONIA is a bio-anthro harmonic farm-to-table wellness community located just north of Manchester on the northern coast of California. This redevelopment of 600 acres of coastal ranch is a vibrant community focused on rediscovering what it means for humans to live happy and prosperous lives. This search for human prospering, or ‘eudaimonia’, is focused on reverting to the small town ‘village life’ where visitors and resident can understand what it means to discover a sense of genuine ‘connection’. Connection manifests itself in three ways at Eudaimonia; Connection between humans, connection between humans and the environment (both natural and built), and connection between humans and food.

Structuring a community in these ways results in a healthy population density, a thriving local agricultural based economy, a vibrant social street life and market square, a common town center allowing for community gathering, a reduced amount of tailpipe emissions due to societal independence from the automobile, increased social connection, increased individual social worth and mental health, power, freedom, and equity in the ability to grow local, organic and health foods. Eudaimonia is a place of interconnectedness, fostering biophilia (love of nature) in its community members. It is truly a place where people of all types and stages of life can come to live in wellness.

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