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Michaela Lafferty


A Healing Experience Through Experimental Farm Design


FARMacy offers a variety of therapeutic programs that aim to relieve the various symptoms associated with autoimmune diseases. These programs, combined with permaculture farming techniques offer guests a unique experience to heal, learn, and relax in a beautiful farm setting. The farm utilizes renewable energy and experimental technology in order to create a closed-loop system of zero waste and aims to educate visitors on sustainable practices. Guests are also invited to take workshops that teach about natural medicine and health in a more holistic way that combines exercise, diet rehabilitation, and relaxation. FARMacy is meant to offer those struggling with autoimmune diseases an alternative solution to pharmaceuticals by giving them the tools needed to put their health in their own hands rather than doctors. At the farm, guests will learn how to use medicinal herbs, cook nutritious meals, and move their bodies in ways that help alleviate the inflammation and arthritis.Guests will also have the chance to fine-tune their fine motor skills by creating goods to take home with them. These include natural watercolor paints, yoga mats made from the hevea plant, and flower/ herb bouquets that can be dried for teas. These products not only create a brand for FARMacy, but they can also create jobs and ultimately boost the local economy in a fun and interactive way.

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