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Kiana Wong

Ko'olauloa o Manawa Iki

Reimagining Hawaii's Tourist Experience for a Sustainable Future


This project will propose a hypothetical ecotourist resort
focused on creating wholistic, sustainable and educational
experiences for both locals and tourists. The ecoresort will
feature a variety of activities in order to cater to the user
depending on how hands on they want to get. This project
will support the local economy by providing jobs and
sourcing goods only from local vendors. It will look to the
past Native Hawaiian land practices in order to
A key component to the project will be restoring the
existing resort golf course back into natural habitat for
native waterfowl. The site as a whole will be based off of the
ahupua‘a system to create sustainable infrastructure and
instill sustainable land management practices while also
being an educational resource for locals and tourists alike.

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