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Sophie Djen

Locke[d] In

Revitalizing an old, historic Chinese town


Locke is an old Chinese town located in the San Joaquin Delta in Sacramento County, specifically in the town of Walnut Grove which is an agricultural area. Locke was the result of Chinese immigrants from the California gold rush coming together to create a community that gave them a sense of place as well as safety. It became a central hub for Chinese laborers to gather here for recreational activities after working in the fields. This makes the town a haven for Asian immigrants and is the oldest Chinese immigrant community alive to this day. The issue is that the town is slowly declining in population and Locke is slowly becoming a ghost town. Locke is surrounded and is in an area that has a population that is declining. Creating more opportunities in Locke, will allow for more productivity and economic growth for the people living there. Keeping the identity of the town as a historic landmark and encouraging more people to visit and providing them with a full experience will help generate more business for the town.

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