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Jose Andrade

Ni Una Más, Ni Una Menos

Combating centuries old machista culture in Mexico City. #NotOneMore#NotOneLess


Mexico City has seen a decline in crime over the past couple of years, however their targeted crime against women has increased. A large part of this problem is the cultural backgrounds dealing with ‘Machismo’, which is aggressive masculine pride. This cultural norm in Mexico has made the city unsafe for female residents to feel comfortable going about their days in Mexico City, constantly fearing that they may not return home. With little to no representation within the city, women also feel like they aren’t as important as the male residents.

Mexico City is growing with changing views as the younger generations speak up. More actions towards gender equality are taking place in the city through protests, marches, and women organizations. Mexico City is the perfect location for progress to be made and influence the rest of the country regarding the safety and inclusion of women in Mexico. Designing safer cities and addressing gender equalities within the landscape is a fundamental goal of landscape architecture.The approach for Glorieta de Insurgentes is to show representation of women within the landscape, educate the public on the targeted crime of women, provide safety measures within the site, and offer programs of empowerment for women and indigenous women.

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