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Lia Delucchi

Taste + Play

Enhancing Tasting Through Recreational Activity


By establishing a new genre of wine tasting through recreational activity, it acts as an opportunity to break away from the traditional winery experience. As wine tasting generally creates a relaxing environment, adding physical movement can enhance a site into a multi-use space. Many wineries are making it a goal to expand their amenities. While prime wine tasting season typically falls between Spring and Summer, incorporating recreational use ensures year round profit and use for the winery.This idea allows for guests to enjoy wine in a different setting. This acts as marketing and hospitality tactics simultaneously. This expands food and wine pairings to activity and wine pairings. Shale Oak Winery is located in West Paso Robles. The site’s tasting and production buildings were designed with a zero to low carbon footprint intent. The site functions entirely off of on-site water filtration and solar electricity systems. This classifies Shale Oak Winery as a LEED Gold Certified site. Some of the winery’s futuristic goals are to expand its wine club member list and distribution opportunities. Also, to host more events on site and to find an activity that sets their brand apart from others.

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