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Brynne Ambrose

The Flip

Re-contextualizing the Built Environment of the Philippines


The history of the Philippines is entrenched in colonization, most notably by Spain, but includes the US, China, and Japan. This has led to political corruption and rapid industrialization. At the same time it has also created a unique melting pot of culture for the Philippines.
The SM malls are what I would define as a symbol of western influences architecturally. The idea of the “mall” in the US has become less popular, and does not hold the same value it once did, where as the Philippines continues its mall culture to this day. Grocery stores, shopping, gathering, food, and performance are all functions malls serve in the Philippines, and SM is an especially large corrporation. Corporations have the most influence over the built environment, which has unfortunately led to development happening quickly and efficiently to profit; while sacraficing the environment and filipino culture. SM takes on western ideals in materials and form, while also embodying rapid industrialization with an agenda to profit efficiently. My goal is to redesign the SM mall in Tarlac to embody modern Filipino values in the visual form, continue to fulfill the functions and needs it currently serves, and improve upon environmental conditions and circulation.

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