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Karen Ma

The Hidden Harboretum

A New Riverfront for the City


Tai O has a long history, dating back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), when it was established as a fishing community. The village is known for its unique cultural traditions. including stilt houses, fishing techniques and salt proudction. As the fishing industries declines, Tai O has been degrade because many young people have left the village in search of better job opportunities, leading to a decrease in population and the loss of cultural traditions. The Hidden Harboretum is to design a sustainable urban placa that enhances the ecological, cultural and social value of a degraded urban site. The project focuses on re-imagining an underutilized site located in the heart of a dense urban neighborhood. Through a series of innovative design interventions, this project seeks to transform the site into a thriving ecological, educational, recreational and social hub that benefits the surrouding community and supports the long-term economy growth for the city by supporting the needs of both tourists and locals.

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