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Greg Overton

Urban Regenerative Farming

To transform and remediate a brownfield missile outpost in San Francisco into a facility that
provides the urban community with a safe green space, healthy locally sourced produce, and a
platform for history and culture


Many urban communities face disproportionate environmental burdens. Brownfields often
contribute to this weight on communities but simultaneously can be the solution to some of
their issues. By transforming the intoxicated soil into farmable land and public green space
these communities can be positively impacted. The growing of produce locally can help provide
affordable healthy food to burdened communities, while also providing park space where they
can enjoy clean outdoor activities.
Through my research, I have found a site that would fulfill a project of this scope.
The Cold War-era Nike Missile Silo and Gun Battery in San Franciso, Site SF-51L Milagra Ridge.

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