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Invigorating Rwanda's Agro-tourist Industry

Elissa Urbina


March 2022


Cultivation is an agro-tourist farm located in the eastern province of Rwanda. While this project embodies the primary definition ‘development of land for growing’, it also encapsulates its other meanings- culture, education, and nurture. The site is on a 112-acre plot of land that has been passed down by his parents to Bill Kayonga, a retired Ambassador of Rwanda. In partnering with NGO design firm – Journeyman International – this project is currently in its early phases of being constructed. Cultivation’s elements address the current opportunities and constraints the existing landscape provides. Cultivation creates a space that allows the natural environment, local community, and inquisitive tourists to integrate and enhance each other’s livelihood. By curating these interactions, visitors will experience the Rwandan culture firsthand while aiding the local economy. From the other point of view, the Rwandan community members will make connections with a variety of cultures throughout the activities taking place. Cultivation will harmonize with the natural environment and community and create an unforgettable experience.



Growing up in the mountain town of Auburn, CA, I was deeply immersed in the natural environment. These experiences sparked my passion to create harmony between the natural and built environments. Landscape architecture provides me with an opportunity to do just that and my passion for design has only grown over time. I recognize that not everyone has access to well-designed spaces. Landscape architecture holds considerable potential to address many issues in under-resourced communities. I aspire to be a part of the generation that inspires others to recognize the important of sustainability and design for all.

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