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Lost Luzones

Uncovering the untold stories of Filipinos in America

Regile Abbey Catig


March 2022


Lost Luzones focuses on uncovering the untold stories of Filipino/a/x peoples in the Central Coast of California, and bringing light to these diverse narratives through the landscape. The project site is Coleman Park in Morro Bay, California at the location of the landing of the first Asians in America - the Filipino crewman of the Manila Galleon trade ship - Nuestra Señora De Buena Esperanza. Lost Luzones intends to work with the local Filipino community to create an iconic public space for them to celebrate their history and culture. The work of the Filipino American National Historical Society was crucial to understanding the scope of the project. American history rarely talks about the contributions of Filipinos, so seeing Filipino/a/x culture being celebrated in the Central Coast where the population is majority white would be very powerful. In turn, Lost Luzones aims to bring Filipinos’ story to light in a country where Western narratives are the standard in portrayals of history.



Hi my name is Regile Abbey Catig, and I am from Chino Hills, California. Growing up I was drawn to almost every creative outlet imaginable. From drawing to painting to singing and dancing, my work has always gravitated towards highlighting the experiences of people of color as a Filipino woman. I strongly believe that spaces that honor both people and place are what leaves lasting impressions on the environment and the people who inhabit it. In the future, I hope to design for underrepresented folks and explore how changing practices in the built environment can better serve these communities.

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