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The Living Mosaic

Transforming Vacant Landscapes into Vibrant Gardens

Dylan Reeder


March 2022


While the typical community garden is comprised of individual beds in a single lot, The Living Mosaic challenges tradition by expanding a single garden space into a unified network of permaculture plots and ecological habitats. South east San Diego is an area deemed as a food desert and also faces issues of high population density, food insecurity, soil and air pollution, and an overall lack of green infrastructure. The Living Mosaic works towards utilizing the many undeveloped lots scattered throughout the neighborhood. Turning these sites into thriving productive landscapes alleviates social stresses, mitigates environmental impacts, and fosters stronger bonds in the community.



My name is Dylan Reeder, I am a 30 year old transfer student from San Diego, and my passions for art and botanical science have lead me to pursue landscape architecture. I am currently minoring in landscape horticulture while also working to become an arborist. I hope to explore a career geared towards a botanical and horticultural focus. I feel most at home outside in nature, traveling extensively, skateboarding, or looking through the lens of an analog camera.

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