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The Snodgrass Ecovillage

An affordable, adaptable, and inclusive future for the Gunnison Valley

Sabra Dewey


March 2022


The Snodgrass EcoVillage is a community development for the Gunnison Valley in Colorado that prioritizes affordable housing, community gathering, amplified ecosystem services, an efficient transportation system, and access to recreational opportunities. This is a project that balances the unique social and economic factors of the Gunnison Valley with the sensitive natural systems surrounding. This development will improve the housing market, promote community bonding, provide access to a vast trail network, and foster a connection between residents and the land they inhabit. The Snodgrass Ecovillage is important because it can serve as an example of how new development can be affordable and beneficial for the people and for the landscape. It is an example of how with careful planning a community can improve the livelihood of its residents and protect and serve the natural environment that it is built upon.



Hi! My name is Sabra Dewey, and I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. My love for the outdoors was cultivated at a young age by my adventurous parents whose form of vacation was a family camping trip. I formed a deep connection to Rocky Mountain landscapes. When I came to Cal Poly, I became fascinated with the relationships that people form with their environment whether those are rural or urban. My senior capstone project explores how residents can be reintegrated into the social, economic, and environmental fabric of their community while maintaining the integrity of a precious landscape.

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