The Capstone Cultural Ambassadors

Landscape Architecture Class of 2021

Welcome to the 2021 California Polytechnic State University Landscape Architecture Senior Show! Creating the first online show in the department's history was no small feat. We're excited to exhibit our work in this newfound way and hope you enjoyed our live (Zoom) presentations on March 12th.  

Thank you to the department faculty and staff for enabling the show to run smoothly, as well as those that volunteered to moderate the rooms.

And a special thanks to all the family and friends who showed up!

  • Zoom Show Planning - Carter Terranova, Elizabeth Walinder

  • Website Design and Construction - Timothy Gobel, Sarah Haluschak

  • Social Media and Outreach - Jordan Chiang, Brianne Dimalanta, Mandy Givi, Kevin Matsuoka

  • Fundraising - Caroline Barron, Rosie Goodwin, Bryce Turk

This show couldn't have been successful without the contributions of the following students, who did everything from organization to outreach: