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Doris Chang

César Torres-Bustamante

March 2021

Seeing, Thinking, Communicating and Visualizing. Viz-Scape is a creative project that serves as instructional and inspirational visualization content for landscape architecture, showing students techniques to focus on and how to most efficiently create visuals for their projects. The goal is quick, engaging, illustrative, visual learning that is easy to understand and comprehend for students; and encourage readers and designers to sketch and develop their own graphic style.

This book includes graphic/visual standards, tutorials, guidelines, for the profession of landscape architecture, focused for students, from a student. It has a joint website
at which further provides tips, examples, tools, and resources for visualization, on a digital platform. Specifically, Viz-Scape is a graphic language with easy-to-navigate steps, to create detailed drawings, sketches, renderings, digital design, diagrams, etc., that is in line with today’s styles and technology. The end goal is a handy resource for students to gravitate towards when in need of direction, guidance, tips, and ideas for illustrating or enhancing their designs.



As a student, I always loved the creative process of sketching, drafting, rendering and bringing the idea or concept to life with the beauty of demonstrating how powerful design details can bring our innovative ideas to life.

However, it was difficult at first to visually represent my designs as accurately as it was in my head. Through these past few years, I was able to learn helpful techniques that I wish I knew early on to bring my ideas to life, and I wanted to showcase what I learned and discovered as a landscape architecture student!

Book (Print and Ebook)

In this book, you will find inspirational sketches, entourage, cutouts of rendering steps, trending styles, and many more. Whether you’re an individual interested in landscape architecture, or underclassmen within the major, Viz-Scape will be a handy resource for you to flip through throughout your design journey!

Website (

The project website, at, will showcase the book contents, on a digital platform. To keep the project evolving, will be updated with future blogs that stay on top of visual trends, tips, and ideas. Additionally, it includes a resource and toolkit library which students can direct to for inspiration and graphic materials.

Background + Development

I wanted to go into the design process with a concept and a planned-out research form. The incorporation of dynamic and engaging characters were envisioned, as well as a general color scheme and style. I also wanted this project to be diverse from the resources already available, so I steered away from developing a formal composition that was too textbook-like. After research and survey feedbacks, I started my design development.

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