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Design for Belonging

Piecing Together a Theoretical Design Process for Inclusivity

Jeremy Dvorak

Margarita Hill

March 2021

This project is about developing a new design process that engenders inclusive landscapes. First, I complete a typical site-based project using my current design process. I then analyze this process to find where inclusive design processes may be added. Next, I experiment by adding these new components to the design process. Where I finally, reflect on and critique my new design epistemology.



I was born with my twin brother in Prague, Czech Republic. When we were very young, we moved to Mount Baldy, where I grew up. In this small mountain village, I grew an appreciation for the landscape, ultimately leading me to become a landscape architect. After graduation I will be a full-time designer at SWA Group in San Francisco.

Typical Design Process

The first part of my project was completing a design project in a typical fashion. Doing research, site analysis and multiple design concepts. The images shown here demonstrate that process.

The Sacred Place Exercise

The first new component I added to my design process was the sacred place exercise. A process that helps the designer discover what places means to the people they are designing for.

Abstract Art as a Design Tool

The second new component I added to my design process was using abstract art as a design tool. This is a proposed method for creating inclusive design forms.

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