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Human Wellness and Community Wellbeing Through Ecological Connectivity

Sophia Phillips Adema

César Torres-Bustamante

March 2021

This project is a proposal for a Point Pinole Community Hospital in Richmond, CA that will service Richmond and the North Contra Costa County community following the abrupt closures of two local emergency rooms. These closures are the latest events in a sequence of environmental injustices levied at the residents of Richmond and Northern Contra Costa County which have resulted in more than four oil refineries in the immediate area and a population with some of the worst health outcomes in California.

This design seeks to construct a lasting and sustainable healthcare infrastructure and improve health outcomes. In order to achieve this infrastructure this project proposes a foundation based on the symbiosis of cleaning and restoring native marshland ecosystems, uplifting the local community and grassroots environmental justice movements and accessible emergency and preventative healthcare provided through evidence-based biophilic designs.

Please, continue reading to learn more and/or visit to the website connected to the QR code on your left to see the entire project.



In order to create a sustainable healthcare infrastructure, the site must be restored ecologically first, utilizing microbial and fungal restoration to clean soil from refinery pollutants and set up a clean slate for native marshland plants to pioneer and repopulate. Construction of on-site trail systems and community program connections will be prioritized to allow the community to interact with the site as the hospital is built and watch as the budding marshland evolves.


Each of these designs represents a sector of the systems that will make up the basis for the healthcare infrastructure. Human health prioritizes biophilic design through evidence-based connections with the natural world, ecological health prioritizes ecological restoration and community health prioritizes interpersonal connection and community services. However each of these ideologies are mutually symbiotic and require each other for success.

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My name is Sophia Phillips Adema and I am a fifth-year Landscape Architecture major with a minor in Sustainable Environments. I have an interest in projects that have the opportunity to improve the quality of life of those who experience it. This project deals with the intersection of human health, community connectivity, social justice, and environmental resilience and has the propensity to greatly impact the lives of locals through a multitude of positive interventions.

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