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Acacia Ranch Campground

Danielle Bain

César Torres-Bustamante

March 2021

A place to escape, a place to create, and a place to rejuvenate. Acacia Ranch Campground provides people with an environment to reconnect with nature and focus on themselves. Secluded in Northern California this luxury campground uses many different renewable resources and farm-to-table practices to educate visitors about their ecosystem. At Acacia Ranch, one can see how every individual can play a part in restoring nature.

Site Analysis and Background

Sitting within the diverse ecosystem of Napa Valley, Acacia Ranch looks at its surrounds for inspiration. Plant communities, sun exposure, temperature and many other factors were all taken into consideration when selecting a location for the campground. After a location was selected many iterations of the cabins and technologies used were considered before deciding on a final design.

Campground Communal Area

Acacia Ranch provides opportunities for everyone to have a unique experience while visiting. From fishing on the campground lake or relaxing in a secluded hammock, to harvesting fruits and vegetables to cook in unique meal at the educational kitchen, there is something to do for everyone. Working to create a farm-to-table experience a majority of the produce and herbs are grow on site and any outside resources will be sourced from local companies.

Campground Cabins

The design of the cabins is heavily influenced by passive solar design as well as creating a seamless transition between the interior and exterior. The materials used also reflect the aesthetic of the local community and use reclaimed materials to reduce the impact on the environment. Each cabin acts as a refuge for visitors so they can escape the busy outside world and reconnect with themselves and their environment.



My name is Dani Bain and I was born and raised in California. My love for the outdoors and design is what initially drove me to pursue Landscape Architecture. As I went on my journey through college, I fell in love with the ability to make a difference in the world through the built landscape. I am excited to see where this path takes me and what I can do to make a difference in the future.

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