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Marina Lermant

Margarita Hill

March 2021

SEAM[LESS] aims to be an educational tool that informs people about the adverse effects of fast fashion on the environment and ethical endangerment towards people. SEAM[LESS] hopes to inspire change in individuals that look toward more just choices for people and planet. A broken link between material possessions and their origins is identified and addressed. The project acts as a medium that connects clothing to the land in a way users can value and understand to an intimate degree.

The project was conducted in three phases: a research booklet, educational website, and physical application of garment creation.



In September 2020, I embarked on the start of my senior project for my bachelor in landscape architecture from Cal Poly. Due to my interests across multiple fields and circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic, an opportunity arose for creation of the [SEAM]LESS project. I have learned vast amounts through this research and design process, and hope for my project and website to inspire and instill positive change that I wish to see, especially as part of the younger generation. Enjoy the website, take some knowledge with you, and talk to others around you about what discoveries you’ve learned!
Sincerely, Marina

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