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Burying Barriers

Opportunities for Small Scale Sustainable Agriculture

Ariana Gonzales

Margarita Hill

March 2021

My project is a research and design project addressing how small, sustainable agriculture can be used as a tool to address climate change and food security on the Navajo Nation in New Mexico. The research aspect of the project looks at the impacts of climate change on agriculture in the Southwest, and identifies sustainable strategies that could be implemented to not only help farms adapt to climate change, but mitigate it. The design portion of the project tackles how to remove the barriers that prevent aspiring farmers from starting their own farm. My solutions for take form in Food Distribution plan that identifies distribution strategies and potential markets to help small farmers remain economically viable, and in a design for a Farm Incubator that provides land, training, and other resources to allow new farmers to get on their feet.



I am a graduating landscape architecture student of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

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