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Climber's Corner

Annie O'Brien

Margarita Hill

March 2021

In this project, users will discover a new definition of what it means to be a climber. The city of Richmond and its surrounding community members will have a space to come together through education and representation within the landscape. By incorporating personality into the design, users will feel a greater sense of connection and place to the area. After visiting Climber’s Corner, users will have the access to climbing they need to discover a confidence within them and an excitement around climbing.
Having grown up competitive climbing, I have developed a long-term relationship with its surrounding community members. Something I noticed during competitions were the lack of female competitors by my side. This project is meaningful to me, because it targets a community that I truly care about. I hope to inspire more womxn to get on the wall. By focusing on empowerment within the landscape, Climber’s Corner ignites a similar passion within its users to one that I’ve found in climbing.



I am passionate about creativity, building communities, connection to place, and outdoor education. My favorite things about landscape architecture are the artistic renderings and working on projects for the benefit of others. A fun fact about me is that I once helped to break a world record for 'most people dressed like Rosie the Riveter!’

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