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Connecting (Sah-may) University

Eliana Parkerton

Margarita Hill

March 2021

“Integrative Design breaks down disciplinary boundaries and rejects linear planning and design processes that can lead to inefficient solutions.”

This project is an integrated collaboration with the non-profit organization of the Mbesese Initiative, Cal poly students and faculty, ARUP, and Flammang Architects. The context of the project is in the country of Tanzania which has very high poverty rate where 67.9% of the population lives below the poverty line. The correlation to the poverty level is linked to the lack of education. The overall goal of the project is to design and build a Polytechnic University in the rural town of Same, Tanzania. This project aims at transforming what higher education looks like for this area and ways to encourage people to reach higher education to break the cycle of poverty. My senior project entails designing the masterplan and looking at the project on a grander scale socially, culturally, and environmentally.



I am Eliana Parkerton, thanks for stopping by! My senior project shows a glimpse of want kind of designer I am and want to be. I want to design for communities and environments that do not traditionally receive this high-level of thinking from landscape architecture because they are truly the ones that need it the most.

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