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Hope and Housing for Salinas

Matt Nadeker

César Torres-Bustamante

March 2021

The City of Salinas has been battling the problem of providing housing for the resident and migrant agricultural workforce for over 100 years. The Natividad Community Project is a mixed-use apartment complex that combats chronic overcrowding and provides a venue for community outreach programs to have a direct stake in the emerging neighborhoods the city will need to model for the upcoming future. By combining subsidized efforts for food outreach, expanding transportation opportunities with neighboring farm employers, and a variety of other social engaging opportunities, the Natividad Community Project will serve the individuals who are tasked with harvesting, processing, and transporting the food that gets to the produce displays in grocery stores around our country.



After an undergraduate education focusing on landscape architecture, political science, and sustainable environments, I hope to round out my education with a law school degree with a specialty in intellectual property. While these three subjects seem inadequate to prepare me for a life of protecting people’s ideas, I believe the exposure to such a wide range of subjects has prepared me to become the ultimate tool in absorbing information and making sure people’s lifelong work is protected.

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