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Incorporating the Unincorporated

Peter Enfantino

David Watts

March 2021

Incorporating the Unincorporated is a planning and analysis project that sheds light on health and climate change in California’s Unincorporated cities. Although the state has developed different bills to address climate change, unincorporated cities are ignored and face health crises. The health issues in these communities manifests themselves in high rates of cancer, gastrointestinal illness, and metal poisoning. The one factor that links many of these issues together is water quality. More often than not, unincorporated cities do not receive city services and rely on well water and septic systems. The San Lorenzo Valley watershed and many other unincorporated communities have high levels of bacteria, nitrates, and parasites that live in the surface and drinking water. To combat this, a newly designed septic system can reduce the risk of water contamination. The septic system will decrease long-term costs for the state, unincorporated residence, and provide longer healthier lives and environments for 1/5th of the state's population.



My name is Peter Enfantino and I am a 5th year Landscape Architecture student. I grew in San Jose, California and spent a lot of my childhood hiking in the Santa Cruz Mountains. This early exposure to the forest made me aware of the impacts climate change has on our local ecosystems. The interest I have in the ecological world influenced me to have a passion for the health of these ecosystems and the people depend on them.

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