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Health-Oriented Community Development for Increasing Older Adult Populations

Jordan Chiang

David Watts

March 2021

As the global population shifts to be increasingly comprised of senior citizens, older adult care is becoming a key social, economic, and spatial issue. In order to improve health outcomes and address spatial issues related to aging, this project will focus on intergenerational interaction and preventative approaches to health. The San Gabriel Intergenerational Neighborhood is an intergenerational living community and public open space, and serves as a case study on inclusive, community-oriented, contemporary older adult care.



Hello! I’m Jordan (he/him), a fifth-year student with minors in Architecture, Sustainable Environments, and Indigenous Studies. I’m currently a peer tutor with the Writing and Learning Center, and recently helped found a student chapter of the National Association of Minority Landscape Architects. Some of my other on-campus involvements include serving as 2019-2020 vice president for the Sigma Lambda Alpha Honor Society, co-coordinator for the shadowships program, and social media manager for the senior show planning committee. From 2017-2018, I also performed as a mallet percussionist at Dark Sky Percussion and Pacific Crest Drum and Bugle Corps.

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