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Sewing Seeds

Zoe Kuli

David Watts

March 2021

Sewing Seeds is a 160 acre urban textile farm in Los Angeles that aims to better the fashion industry and its neighboring communities. Production starts and ends on site, where users can see and experience the environmental and social impacts of a piece of clothing from seed to fabric. The site’s marginal soils will turn productive with phytoremediation and regenerative practices that will support flax, hemp, and dye crops for textile production and remain resilient in the face of extreme conditions caused by climate change. Over 150 acres will be open to the public to provide open space and to create an identity for the farm that values community and provides local, high quality products that are sold to local designers and boutiques. Immersing visitors in the fashion landscape at Sewing Seeds will tell the story of fast fashion and its impacts, the long standing practices of cultures that have contributed to our knowledge of natural fibers and dyes, and how focusing on sustainable farming can save the fashion industry and the planet.



My name is Zoe Kuli, I was born and raised in Orange County, and my favorite plant is an olive tree. In my spare time I love baking, reading, dancing, running, or anything that gets me outside, and I am also, of course, passionate about fashion. I truly believe that landscape architects have the power to save the world. Our profession is often hard to define because it’s so broad, but that reach gives us the power to bring unexpected, diverse disciplines and voices together to solve problems.

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