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The Indoor Gardener

Madelyn Speegle

César Torres-Bustamante

March 2021

Since March 2020 and the current COVID-19 pandemic crisis, many of us have been indoors an increased amount, whether that’s attending school online, working from home, being a part of a high-risk community, or other reasons. To combat the negative health effects that can be caused by time spent inside, this project seeks to answer why we need plants in our spaces, what they do for us, and how to include them in interior spaces. There are health benefits to having plants indoors, such as increased productivity and reduced stress and anxiety, and including them in our spaces can enhance our living and working situations. Whether it’s in an office or living space, plants have a lot to offer us if we can find a way to include them in our spaces.



Hello! I'm Madelyn, a 5th year Landscape Architecture student at Cal Poly. I’m currently based in San Luis Obispo and in my free time I enjoy running, hiking, and sketching on my iPad. Other passions of mine include caring for my indoor plants, interior design, and graphic design. I’ve had such an amazing time at Cal Poly and in the Landscape Architecture department, and I’m so thankful for all the people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with. I will miss Cal Poly and San Luis Obispo, but I’m excited to start my post-college life!

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