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Arenal Aventura

Abraham Hernandez

David Watts

March 2021

The local community doesn’t have the resources to experience the natural environment as other countries do. With their educational level at only 42%, comes to show that most of the people don’t know about the natural environment they live in. This dilemma is something that the community can benefit from, by learning about their unique natural environment in an engaging way. This project will create a learning environment to the locals within the unique flora and fauna, and an opportunity to share their cultural practices from indigenous groups with tourists. By designing a project like this, new job opportunities will be created for the people of Costa Rica. Along with the education of sustainable practices will improve with the cleanness of the environment and help with the dissatisfaction there is of green and parks in the city. Implementing an attraction that will use natural and local materials to create a minimal human footprint will benefit the community.

Gathering Space to Borucas Zone

Each zone has a unique tradition to be experienced by guests. The gathering area expresses the Costa Rican Culture from food recipes to cultural practices of dance, music and art that all take place in the gathering space. The remaining zones have their own traditions the are influenced by the indigenous groups.

Malabras Zone to Huetares Zone

These groups have traditions from creating wooden masks to creating their own fermented alcoholic drinks and are worth sharing with the world. Not to mention the ceramic production and the dyeing of clothing that the Huetares mastered at. The Chorotegas had a tradition to have festivals and have honey tasting from there bee keeping.



Hello, my name is Abraham Hernandez, I’m from Southern California. On my spare time I enjoy being in the outdoors and strive to bring new ideas to the world. Throughout my time here at Cal Poly, I was always curious on how to design a large-scale adventure park. So, I used my last year to design an adventure park in the happiest place on earth, Costa Rica. Throughout the process of design, I learned a lot about the culture of Costa Rica and the traditions that are still practiced. Allowing me to make this project and share it with the rest.

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