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Embodying Patpong

Brianne Dimalanta

David Watts

March 2021

Bangkok, Thailand is known for its unique tourism activities unlike any others. As the most visited city in the entire world, Bangkok is famous for its nighttime entertainment neighborhoods, the most popular being the Patpong District. Lively and vibrant, it is a main attraction for Bangkok’s 22.8 million yearly visitors. With over 20 gogo bars, the district of Patpong is responsible for bringing in the most revenue due to its services within the sextourism industry. Even though sex-work is extremely taboo in Thailand, Bangkok’s sextourism industry is notorious and draws in young adults from all around the world. Unfortunately, many of the women employed in this industry ended up in this world as a last resort, living and working in unacceptable conditions. This project designs the Patpong District into a sex-worker-friendly neighborhood that caters towards the safety and freedom of women while simultaneously creating the first step towards normalizing sex-work in Thailand. It generates strategies to give the people of the district a sense of belonging, forging a long-lasting community bond.

Site Location & Inventory

This section provides detailed information about the site and its extents.

Site Analysis, Project Statement, and Diagrams

Here are the most important findings discovered through site analysis, followed by the project thesis statement and typologies for the site design.



Brianne Dimalanta is a soon-to-be graduate of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, born and raised in Seattle, Washington. She has a strong passion for cultural and urban landscape architecture projects, citing her experiences as a Southeast-Asian woman as her drive to seek out opportunities to create change in these fields. On the rare occasion she’s not in studio, Brianne enjoys dancing, reading, and browsing online for new sneakers. She is extremely grateful for the support from her family, friends, and classmates and could not have done this without them.

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