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Anthony Sierra

César Torres-Bustamante

March 2021

Revitalization is my senior project that focuses on creating a riverfront park that focuses on addressing the issue of flooding in Mission Valley while also incorporating several types of recreational and cultural elements. The concept statement is “Grey Space to Green Space”.

Pre-Design Supporting Graphics

These graphics show the predesign concept and context that was used and analyzed before initial design work.

Supporting Graphics

These graphics visually represent the ideas and solutions that came from the data and thought process that came from the pre-design work.



My name is Anthony Sierra, and I am a 5th year Landscape Architecture major. I am from Bakersfield, California and have prior college experience at Bakersfield College and Cuesta College. I currently work for Dream Home Landscaping and looking forward gaining more experience after I graduate. I also love to play sports on my free time and be outdoors.

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